Bilbo the Naughty Beagle!!!

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If you could imagine a 9 month old Beagle that pretty much thought he ruled the earth, then you can begin to imagine the nightmare we created in our Little Bilbo.

Unfortunately due to some bad advice early on in Bilbo’s life, and lots of time spent googling dog training on the net, we were left extremely confused and lost, as to where we had gone wrong. We had created so many bad behaviours from Jumping all over the furniture, Jumping on visitors every time some one new arrived, Not coming when called, and pretty much allowing him to believe that he was going to be the next next sled dog champion with his leash pulling antics.

We knew we had a tough job on our hands, and with both myself and my husband working full time, we were going to struggle with getting on top of Bilbo’s behaviours, That’s when we discovered Excel Dog Training’s Live-In Training Program at Greenbank.

We contacted Excel and spoke to Paul, and were relieved to hear him say that all of Bilbo’s problems were extremely common, and that he was more than confident that there was still plenty of hope for him. Paul asked us to bring Bilbo out to their Greenbank Training Facility for a free Pre-Training assessment, and we have not looked back since.

Right from the first moment we met Paul, his Professionalism & Knowledge base was a stand out quality, and Bilbo took to him straight away which automatically put our minds to rest. We inspected the kennels where Bilbo was going to be staying, and might I say, I haven’t seen anything that comes quite close to their Boarding Kennel facility.

Bilbo spent the next 21 days Living and Training with Paul, and when we arrived for our Hand-over training session, we were instantly amazed with the transformation we were seeing sitting so calmly in front of us. Paul put Bilbo through his paces, and then it was our turn. Paul had explained the job was only half done now, and that he had to make sure that we were were confident to carry on with the maintenance.

Bilbo is now a different dog, and seeing how motivated he is and much he enjoys the training, we have since been travelling out to Excel’s training facility for further advanced one on one training.

We would highly recommend anyone looking for a trainer, or even just looking for some where to board your dog whilst you’re away, to take the trip out to meet Paul and the Excel Team…..

Thanks so much for the wonderful transformation you have given us and our little Bilbo,

Karlie & Brent:-)

Stretton Qld





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