Puppy Training & Classes

At Excel, we can’t stress enough, how important it is to conduct early development and socialization training with your brand new puppy.

In most cases, the vast majority of behavioural problems that dog owners experience with their adult dogs, could have been avoided if this early development and socialisation training was conducted from the very beginning.

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We often get asked, “when is the ideal time to begin socializing & training our puppy?”.

Well, the answer to that question is, from the moment you first bring your puppy home.

Your puppies optimum period to be able to accept and learn about new stimuli, is from 3 -14 weeks of age. So given the fact that we generally don’t even receive our puppies until the age of 8 weeks old, we don’t want to waste any valuable time, imprinting as many positive experiences as possible.

All of our puppy programs will educate you on how to:

  • Introduce your new puppy to its new environment; Family interaction, feeding, housing, toilet training and much more.
  • Socialisation with your puppy; Teaching you how to mould your puppy into a confident & well-balanced adult dog.
  • How to deal with the early development behaviours; Mouthing / Nipping.
  • Jumping up, chewing everything, digging and many more.
  • How to establish a training foundation; Teaching you how to engage and motivate your puppy to learn, pre-command exercises, Training equipment required & more.
  • And most importantly, teaching you how to have FUN & ENJOY your Puppy…

Please feel free to Contact us, so we can help give you and your puppy the best head start possible.