Obedience Training

At Excel, we offer obedience training programs that range from Basic through to Advanced Training.

There are many key areas to having a successful & healthy relationship with your dog; exercise, play, praise, affection and so on, are more often than not, areas that are fulfilled by most dog owners, BUT the obedience training tends to be forgotten.

A lack of Obedience training can lead to a vast array of problems, mainly a breakdown of leadership and hierarchy within the dynamics of the home.

Our Obedience training programs are designed to teach you how to maximize your ability to be able to effectively communicate & control your dog, in any situation.

Using our balanced training philosophy and techniques, which are not only Fun for the dog, but Fair as well, we will teach you how to create a dog that WANTS to train.

Excel’s Obedience training programs include the following:

  • Basic Obedience
  • Intermediate Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience

Obedience Training program formats

Note:  We conduct an obedience assessment at the beginning of every program, to discover the current level of training your dog has completed.


Basic Obedience

  • Safety in dog training and choosing the correct training equipment
  • How to identify what motivates your dog to learn
  • Teaching your dog how to control the outcomes of training
  • Understanding the different stages of training (Teaching, Training & Proofing)
  • Social walking (walking freely with out pulling on the lead)
  • Sit, Drop, Stay and In-formal Recall on the lead

Intermediate Obedience

(Must have completed Basic first)

  •  Introduction to the long lead
  • Sit, Drop & Stay at a distance on long lead
  • Introduction to the Formal Recall on lead
  • Heeling and the Return to Heel Position on lead
  • Introduction to conducting obedience under distractions

Advanced Obedience

(Must have completed Intermediate First)

  • Sit, Drop & Stay under distraction on long lead
  • Formal Recall and Return to Heel under distraction on long lead
  • Heeling under distraction On-Lead

Proofing stage

(To be conducted in a controlled environment or at our training facility)

  • Sit, Drop & Stay under distraction Off-Lead
  • Formal Recall and Return to Heel, Off -Lead from a Sit or Drop Stay position under distractions
  • Heeling Off-Lead under distractions